The VOICE Testimonies


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R.C., Bradenton, FL. April 3rd, 2020  

Thanks for the prayers and the covering we need it. I do enjoy the sessions during the week it’s just too short .  I kept on forgetting to bring the stuff for the communion but I had this pain on my upper left side of my back which would hurt whenever I would breathe in or out but on Friday I decided to use pineapple juice and a piece of bread that’s all I could find since I was at work and I believed as you prayed and the pain was gone before the program was over. There’s power in the name of Jesus. Love you both have a great weekend.

 St, Thomas, USVI, April 9th, 2020

Good afternoon Dad & mom. Thanks for the sacrifice to be on fb daily.

This morning I wake up with a terrible headache from yesterday. I took communion along with u all this morning.I anointed my head declared my healing.The pain left I'm feeling great.

To God be the Glory 🤝

 IJ, Florida 

Hi Pastor. I can see you and your family are doing well. Thanks be to God. Just want you to know that I look forward with much anticipation to your morning broadcasts. I am not working since April 2. Had minimal hours since March. However just want to say that I feel energized after the programs that instead of praying early in the morning, I pray afterwards. I have been feeling scared and worried for myself and the kids but when you and Pastor Marcia speak the Word, it causes the fears to dissipate. I just want to say thanks. I was extremely happy when you said you would continue. Thanks again Pastor. Love you all very much. We are ok and all is well. Thanks to God. Be blessed.

NBG, Colorado 

I have been blessed to be under the anointing and teaching of Pastor Estrada for over 10 years. Pastor has spoken over my life many times and I kept his words that God gave him close to my heart.  The most powerful words came when he instructed me to (1) write a "love letter" to God and write down my problems, needs and wants, (2) talk to God about each one of them and believe and (3) bury it and believe that God will take care of all your needs, leave your problems behind and watch God work .  Unknown to him, that day the doctor had given me some bad news.  Pastor gave me these words , "Man can say what they want to, but God has the final say! You are an anointed Child of God!"  From that day, my walk with Christ changed.  I have seen so many times how God has favored and blessed me and my family.  EVERY TIME, I meet a new doctor, my file always puzzles them. My record tells of wrong medication, lack of treatment, blood work off the chart, but when they look at me I look healthy and strong with no complications for a person on strong medication for 25 years.  Each one would say "You are not supposed to be alive and have children"    I love  when they say that because it gives me a moment to boast, smile and say, "It's all God. He has a plan for me!"

Every January I do the covenant and now that we are facing trying times, I watch the daily messages on Facebook, do the communion and say the covenant every-single-day or night.   Knowing that my family and I are protected by the covenant of life, health and healing, victory, protection, grace and favor, and provision I have no fear to watch the news and what today and tomorrow holds because my faith is so strong in believing what the covenant says.  Within the last 3 weeks , I received full healing of my leg and a  few issues I was experiencing due to lupus. I have a greater appreciation of THE BLOOD OF JESUS and I am watching how GOD IS STILL WORKING in my life.

         I thank God for placing Pastor Estrada in my life and for giving him the anointing, vision, ministry and so much more that has made my Christian walk a little easier to understand and enjoy. May God continue to use him to be a blessing.


NBG, Colorado


The show has been such a blessing to me. I have not experienced any anxiety and I feel just so much better. I was having chest pains and tightness and it has left! I remember they gave me prescriptions for anxiety and now I don’t even take those because I feel so filled after listening to the word. Thank you for words of encouragement and for being a blessing! Love you guys! 


For the past years I had gallstone issues. During the quarantine the gallstones started acting up and I had great stomach pains and vomiting and diarrhea. Could not sleep at night because of the pain. Since I started getting on the FB live every morning and doing the covenants and sealing it with communion those symptoms have gone away. I haven't had any stomach pains or irritation and I believe that the gallstones have totally dissolved. My faith have been spring forth and not only I am being blessed by I have seen a change and new person in my mother. There is great peace in my house and I'm so grateful to you guys for walking in obedience in doing this program! It works!!